Field Guide to the birds of the United States and Canada
  • 958 Species Accounts
  • Thousands of properly identified photos
  • 712 range maps
  • Bird calls for 600 species
Photo Sharing
  • Upload photos and store securely
  • Share with a community of photographers
  • Organize photos in proper taxonomy
  • Build lists for the birds you haven't photographed
  • Post comments and host discussions
  • View photo details such as camera specifications commonly found in Exif data
  • Keep unlimited lists
  • View your lists as charts, trendlines, and maps
  • Compare your lists with people in your network
  • Upload lists from files on your computer
Field Reporting
  • Publish Reports in multiple templates
  • Include photos and lists in your reports
  • Receive automatic updates when people in your network submit reports
Social Networking
  • Connect with others who enjoy watching birds
  • Collaborate by sharing field notes, lists, and photos
  • Form groups
  • Receive reports from the people you want to follow
  • Receive activity updates from people in your network
  • Share observations and learn more
  • Post questions and answer questions submitted by others
  • Collaborate with others around a particular site
  • Follow activity for a site
  • Collaborate by sharing field notes, lists, and photos
  • Capture knowledge about a particular site and its avifauna