"Want to see something gorgeous?" she said from her golf cart. "Sure" I replied and walked over to the golf path at Salishan (I always stick to the Nature Trail and leave the golf path to the golfers, but couldn't pass up the invitation). "Go down to the end of the marsh - a heron is there near the path." So I did and there he was, but he was walking out of the marsh -- did I spo0k him? I stood still and watched and snapped photos. Apparently I was no threat -- these photos are all uncropped, and I had to reduce the zoom on some of them to get him in the frame.


He stopped for a bit and looked around, then headed past the "out of bounds" marker toward the fairway.


Onto the golf path...


And onto the fairway - hmmm. He seemed to be making a large circle around me - where was he headed?


And back across the golf path...


And back -- he had made a complete semi-circle around where I stood on the path -- apparently just to get to the other end of the marsh. Now that was worth watching! I recently read a bird photographer's blog ab0ut how shy and difficult to photo the Great Blue Herons are -- he has obviously never met the ones around here! This one was positively strutting!

Bird List

Siletz Bay, OR

Jan 28, 2012

Common Name Scientfic Name Count Action
Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias ---

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Dave Irons
by Dave Irons on January 28, 2012 at 07:10 pm

Great photos Dawn. Surprisingly, it's an adult bird. Normally it is the juveniles that are more confiding. Presumably, this bird hangs out around the golf course and this fairly busy footpath enough to have lessened its fear of humans.

dawn villaescusa
reply by dawn villaescusa on January 28, 2012 at 08:31 pm

Yes I think there are a couple of "regulars" who can always be found near the trail -- they seem to be impervious to joggers, bicyclists and barking dogs (and cameras).

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