Birding 101: Song Sparrow vs. Fox Sparrow Made Easier


This Song Sparrow, photographed at Eugene, Oregon 13 February 2008, is representative of the birds found west of the Cascade Range in Oregon and Washington and in coastal British Columbia. Visiting birders are often confounded by these birds, which are slightly larger and much darker than the Song Sparrows found across most of North America. Note the conspicuous post-ocular stripe and how it flares towards the nape. Most of the auriculars are gray rather than filled in with reddish brown. (Photo by Dave Irons).

Only a handful of species show the range of geographic variation that one can see in Song and Fox Sparrows. You may have a good handle on the forms that occur close to where you live, but if you travel about the continent you may come face to face with individuals that leave you wondering which species you are looking at. This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest, where the "coastal" forms of Song Sparrow are slightly larger and significantly darker than those found along the East Coast and across the interior of the U.S. and Canada. 

Sooty Fox Sparrows further complicate matters. Not only are they quite different in appearance than the more easterly Red Fox Sparrow, but for much of the year you will find them in the same brush patches with the equally  unfamiliar looking Song Sparrows of the Pacific Northwest. This article offers some key field marks to look for if you find yourself struggling to separate these species away from your home patch. The best part is, you don't have to have them side by side to sort them out.

A good starting point is bill color. Unlike Fox Sparrow, the bill color of Song Sparrow doesn't change much throughout the year. Their bills almost always look uniform in color. Both mandibles are a dark  and dusky grayish horn color. Only recently-fledged juveniles will show paler fleshy yellow tones on the bill. The bill color in Fox Sparrows is far more variable and changes seasonally. During the breeding season, their bills are generally paler, ranging from pale grayish to dull grayish-pink. Outside the breeding season (October-March), Fox Sparrows will a darker bill color, particularly the upper mandible, with varying amounts of corn yellow on the lower mandible and along the cutting edge of the base of the upper mandible. Birds seen from March-May will show a gradual reduction in the amount of yellow on the bill (Irons 2012). These seasonal transitions in bill color seem to hold true across all four Fox Sparrow groups (Red, Slate-colored, Thick-billed, and Sooty).

The next thing to look at is the face pattern. All subspecies of Song Sparrow have a well-defined  brown or reddish-brown post-ocular stripe that is surrounded by gray or buffy-gray and extends from the back of the eye towards the nape, where it generally flares slightly. In the West, there are three groups of Fox Sparrow subspecies. Sooty, Slate-colored, and Thick-billed Fox Sparrows all lack the strong face pattern that we associate with Song Sparrows and Red Fox Sparrows. Although Red Fox Sparrows have a strong gray and russet face pattern, the auricular patch is usually fairly solid reddish-brown, thus there is no clearly defined brown or reddish-brown post-ocular stripe. 


This bird and those in the next two photos are all Song Sparrows. Note how much paler these birds are compared to the Pacific Northwest form above. All three show conspicuous post-ocular stripes, mostly grayish auriculars, and virtually identical bill color. (All three photos by Robert Royse) 



This after hatch-year Red Fox Sparrow was photographed in June in Manitoba. Note the pinkish bill color with no yellow and how the auriculars are filled with mostly russet feathers. (Photo by Robert Royse).


This adult Sooty Fox Sparrow was photographed in Alaska in May. Note the amount of gray in the unpatterned face and the grayish-pink bill with no yellow. (Photo by Robert Royse)


This presumed Slate-colored Fox Sparrow was photographed in California during March. Like most birds in the Slate-colored, Thick-billed, and Sooty subspecies groups, this bird shows essentially no pattern in the face. Note the yellow on the lower mandible. By March the yellow starts to disappear and it will be gone entirely by June. (Photo by Robert Royse) 


This Red Fox Sparrow, photographed at South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas 13 November 2011, shows a strong face pattern, but again the auriculars are filled in with reddish brown and there is no clearly defined post-ocular stripe. Note the rich corn-yellow base to the bill. This bill pattern is typical of late fall and mid-winter Fox Sparrows of all four subspecies groups. (Photo by Dave Irons) 


This Sooty Fox Sparrow was photographed in the Pacific Northwest during December. Sooty Fox Sparrows are highly variable in color and can look quite reddish in certain light conditions. They may show noticeable gray in the face like this bird, but don't show a contrasting pattern. Again, note the rich corn-yellow on the base of the bill, which is typical in mid-winter Fox Sparrows. (Photo by Glenn Bartley)

With a good view of the bill color and face pattern, you should be able to readily separate Fox and Song Sparrows, regardless of where you are in North America. By focusing on these two aspects, you can side-step the confusion that is introduced by all the geographic variation in color and you won't get waylaid by Song Sparrows that show a darker or more reddish-brown appearance. 

There are a couple of secondary field marks that may help you confirm that you've made the correct identification. First, the lower rumps and tails of Fox Sparrows are almost always noticeably more reddish than other aspects of the bird. In looking at the Fox Sparrows in the images above, even though the overall tone of these birds is quite variable, you might notice that the tails and lower rumps are slightly more reddish on all of these birds. If you look at the tails of the Song Sparrows, they tend to match pretty closely to the general color of the upperparts and don't contrast with the rest of the bird. The Song Sparrows are also somewhat streaked on the rump, while the Fox Sparrows show unstreaked rumps. 

Finally, the dark markings on the underparts of Fox Sparrows tend to be more crisp with lots of isolated triangles/chevrons and if you look closely at the streaking you can see that the streaks are actually rows of chevrons. Song Sparrows tend to have blurrier streaking, with very few isolated chevrons and the streaks don't appear to be made up of rows of chevrons. Below are sets of images of both Fox and Song Sparrows that illustrate this difference.


This Song Sparrow was photographed during March in Ohio. Note how the flanks streaks are solid with no obvious internal chevrons and there are almost no isolated chevrons on the underparts. (Photo by Robert Royse) 


Note the blurry contiguous flank streaks on this Pacific Northwest type Song Sparrow and the lack of obvious chevrons on the underparts. This bird was photographed in February. (Photo by Glenn Bartley)


This Song Sparrow, photographed during March in Ohio, shows a few isolated triangular markings on the lower breast, but they are more blurry, as are the flank streaks, which generally to be contiguous with no obvious chevrons within. (Photo by Robert Royse)


This Red Fox Sparrow was photographed on the breeding grounds in Manitoba during June. Note the lack of yellow on the grayish-pink bill, the solid reddish auriculars, and the crisp isolated chevrons and triangular russet markings below. Also note how the flank streaking is comprised of rows of chevrons. (Photo by Robert Royse) 


This Sooty Fox Sparrow was photographed during September. It is very heavily marked with individual chevrons underneath and doesn't really show much in the way of streaking. (Photo by Glenn Bartley). By early Fall, Fox Sparrows are already showing the yellow on the bill that is absent during the breeding season. 


This Thick-billed Fox Sparrow was photographed during May in California. Note all the isolated chevrons on the underparts and how the streak along the flanks are actually rows of spaced chevrons. (Photo by Robert Royse)

I'll conclude this photo essay with a bird (see photo below) that might cause a bit of a problem. It was photographed in Michigan during April by Allen Chartier. It shows a quite a bit of gray in the auriculars, which are bordered by russet above and below. It also has the suggestion of a post-ocular stripe, although it is thinner behind the eye and connects to the auriculars rather than dead-ending at the nape like it would on a Song Sparrow. Other clues include unstreaked rump and the tail and lower rump, which are considerably more rusty reddish than the rest of the bird. Finally, if you look closely at the bill, it is still showing some yellow on the lower mandible. We can't see much of the underparts, but otherwise the sum of the parts of this bird add up to Fox Sparrow.


Red Fox Sparrow (subspecies "P. i. iliaca") during April in Michigan (Photo by Allen Chartier)

I will continue to look for pairs of potentially confusing common birds as subject matter for this sort of article. If you have certain birds or groups of species that you wrestle with, feel free to let me know via a comment. We welcome your feedback about these articles and suggestions for future ID articles. 


I always learn from articles like this and the ones Greg Gillson posts on his web site. I’m very new and am trying to learn how to ID birds properly. I’m sure I make some mistakes but to me that’s part of learning.
One that is hard for me are the Cormorants. Went to the coast resently and boy they are hard to tell apart. They don’t always sit next to each other. That would make it a little easier. I know I don’t even have to mention Gulls. I’m working on that one too.
Keep the articles coming. I enjoy learning all I can.


It may just be my eyesight, but I swear the Song Sparrows we get right on the coast (Lincoln Co.) are even darker and less crisply patterned on the face than the PNW form you show above. To me their face and crown colors look dark reddish brown and dark gray, with back, wings, & tail a dark reddish brown with not-so-distinct streaking. I do see birds similar to your photos around Toledo. How about bringing your camera over here some winter day and staking out our feeders, and explain to me what I’m really seeing!


Great article Dave. Thanks. I appreciate the secondary field marks, which are very helpful sometimes also in separating look-alike goldfinches.


Another great article. I love the post-ocular stripe clue. And I agree with Rebecca… coast Song Sparrows look different from mine here in the coast range. They sound different, too! How about taking on Hutton’s Vireo vs. Ruby-crowned Kinglet… with something easier for old eyes than miniscule bill and feet differences. And I second the out-of-breeding season Cormorant suggestion… And all the LBJs… Endless possibilities for you, Dave. Keep the articles coming!


Great article! Nice to see some new posts on Bird Fellow.

One clarification: Do you mean, “We can’t see much of the underparts, but otherwise the sum of the parts of this bird add up to Fox Sparrow.”?


Dave – doing these comparisons are very helpful. I had looked at both birds over the last year to really try and nail down the differences. Both have appeared in my yard at the same time, luckily. After taking a little test before reading the captions, the last photo was the questionable one for me. Thanks for the details in identifying.


Thank you for this detailed information, this is always one species I wrestle with on my bid counts.


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Visiting Places : Posamma Gandi, Papikondalu, Perantapalli, Koruturu / Thalluru Camp Site.
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GroupStudents objetivo de Ciencia y Tecnología, Universidades / instituciones y escuelas
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The students of strategic management acquires enough knowledge of what to expect from the field, with the course’s fast-paced, one year format, as it includes learning tools such as case studies and simulations, leading-edge managerial and leadership practices of the best companies in the world, hands-on exposure to the latest technology applications in the area of management information systems, including ERP systems; and more.
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paapikondalu se distribuye en torno a los distritos Khammam, Godavari Este y Oeste de Godavari. La ubicación y el más hermoso de los escenarios paapikondalu son muy bonito y sobre todo se parece como un escenario de Cachemira. Se trata de tener un ambiente de paz y dar apariencia agradable, paz a los visitantes y agarra un especial atractivo de los turistas. El paapikondalu es uno de los mejores lugares en AP. Toda la zona papi Kondalu está cubierta por bosques tropicales.
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Aunque la comunicación parece literalmente fácil, podemos evaluar nuestra capacidad de comunicación cuando se trata de explicar un punto a alguien. Cuando una persona trata de explicar un punto a alguien, inconscientemente, una gran cantidad de datos puede llegar a ser poco importante, más el mensaje llegue sans la ligereza de la materia. Esta es la misma razón por la que muchos candidatos brillantes que tienen habilidades técnicas asombrosas no pueden hacer un impacto cuando se enfrentan interviews.Communication también se convierten en parte fundamental para la toma de una pequeña empresa a adoptar una route.People próspera en todo el país, han conseguido muy entusiasta sobre los procesos de comunicación, que finalmente, se convierten en el principal motivo de los éxitos empresariales que llaman con el industries.Learning respectiva un lenguaje que permite superar los desafíos de la migración process.The importancia y la necesidad de habilidades de comunicación adecuadas han motivado a prácticamente todas las universidades de India, para introducir cursos de comunicación. Idioma Inglés se utiliza sobre todo y entiende el lenguaje, en todo el mundo, lo que hace que el nivel de competencia de los estudiantes sobre el tema más importante. Idioma Inglés se enseña como una materia, incluso en el nivel de graduación, para introducir los estudiosos, con los avances modernos en la materia. Incluso hay muchas escuelas e institutos en la India, que ofrecen cursos para aprender el idioma Inglés. Tanto el escrito y las habilidades para hablar del idioma Inglés se enseña en los institutos. India es un país con diversas culturas que viven juntas. Cada cultura influye en otras en más de una forma. Los idiomas que se hablan son un ejemplo ideal de la variedad de India.English no es nuestra lengua materna y cada indio tiene que pasar tiempo en el aprendizaje del idioma Inglés en la medida de su capacidad de ser capaz de tener el flujo de pensamiento y una gran variedad de hermosos palabras en Inglés para hablar con la gente. Cursos de idiomas en Bangalore entrena a los candidatos que tienen problemas con sus conocimientos de inglés hablado. Experimente la diferencia con el nivel de confianza, además de su capacidad de hablar de manera eficiente desde la primera clase. ?? Si usted es la persona que esté interesado en aprender el idioma, elegir entre los distintos paquetes disponibles en clases de comunicación en Inlingua Bangalore. Una ronda de selección preliminar nos permite trabajar cuál de los muchos cursos si decide convertirse en expertos en comunicación y aprender a hablar Inglés impecable language.Once la formación es completa estarás completamente preparado para afrontar cualquier reto con valentía, con mucha confianza .
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cursos de tecnología de la información están disponibles en diploma de nivel superior. Estos cursos son-BA en aplicaciones informáticas y la informática, BCA, BE en la tecnología de la Información, Licenciado en aplicaciones informáticas y la informática, Licenciado en sistema de software, B de alta tecnología en la tecnología de la información y la comunicación, MCA, ME en las redes de computadoras, M phil en aplicaciones informáticas etc Para los cursos de diploma, la elegibilidad es secundaria más alta (10 2) con las materias de ciencias, pero
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the fact that serve to enhance their the latest systems. in which he had been harmed, he / she developed a shoe using air cushioned pure with the use of long-standing silicone wheels. S|yankee|u s of a’s|yank|our|indian|america|us citizen} of greatly the actual the jogging materials . consider a slight ridge that means they are noticeable (on this in some time). details your wedding reception gaming tables even though seats your friends and family to your roaring twenties.
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The students pursuing heritage management course gets a chance to explore the issues and cases pertinent to current challenges confronting cultural and heritage organizations at home and abroad.
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Last week Amanda formally ushered in you to the Mulberry Alexa Bags , a looked for create from Mulberry labelled after Alexa Chung. Let me table some of the justifications why I love the Mulberry Alexa line. First off, the vibe is downtown cool. Second, we love Alexa Chung and her approach, so any kind labelled after her and infused with her London Chic approach passes the investigate for us. Next, the charge of this line is wholly rational (honestly, it is hard to go beyond up). These are just a small number justifications we delve this line. This brand label handbag owns the approach of nostalgia and individuality, which make every women love it very much. The Alexa bag that has shown up at Net A Porter right now contributes a radiant and pleasure explode of shade of color with the its yellow buffalo-leather and gold-tone hardware. People have requested about the straps and they have a magnetic closure, which makes them pleasure to view at and operational, being not hard to entry to the principle compartment. Bright pink leopard issue on a comparable view to the Alexa satchel, the Alexa Clutch in addition sports buckle fastening details. Buy the clutch by Net A Porter for $695. The Alexa line has came and not only are we geared up, we are excited! If we chat who like the Mulberry pouches most, it ought owned by to Alexa Chung. Alexa Chung is one of the renowned It Girl. She can use any kind of Mulberry Bags on divergent functions and is a dan of Mulberry. She often carries the men Mulberry Bags in the street; She carries Mulberry Alexa for once a day use.
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Famous Nights Out For London Theatre Try West End Shows One London theatre attraction that never ceases to draw huge crowds is the West End that is the location of some longrunning musical and other West End Shows. Tickets to this particular Theatreland can be quite sought after especially during peak seasons. Underneath are just some of the famous musicals that one could see at London’s West End. Who doesn’t know or at least heard about Les Miserables that is based on the classic novel of the identical title by French author Victor Hugo? Les Miserables is actually the longest running show in recent history in London’s West End. This is one of the huge crowd drawers. A number of people have seen Les Miserables twice or even three times and still wouldn’t mind watching it again for a couple more. That’s simply how popular the musical is. It seems that theater goers just can’t get enough of the themes of love and redemption that is wonderfully portrayed by the play. And with beautiful songs such as “Can You Hear the People Sing” and “I Dreamed a Dreamed,” it was really destined to become a hit. Another classic would be the Phantom of the Opera that opened only a year after Les Miserables, which makes it the second longestrunning musical at London’s West End. It is probably the most wellloved of all Andrew Lloyd Weber creation. Based on Gaston LeRoux’s novel, the story’s themes of love and obsession is masterfully represented by the blending of opera and rock. “The Point of No Return” and “Masquerade” are just two of the most unforgettable songs from this musical. If you are looking for a more contemporary musical, then We Will Rock You will definitely be to your liking. Running for eight years already, the show is set 300 years into the future and depicts the life of a young nonconformist named Gallileo and his battle against the corporate Killer Queen. If you are a fan of the British rock band Queen then you will be delighted to know that this show features some of their greatest hits such as “We Are the Champions” and of course “We Will Rock You.” Another modern classic is Mama Mia that is famous not only among Abba fans, but to everyone who can appreciate a good light and funny story. It is about a young, fatherless bride named Sophie who just discovered that her mom dated three men at the time of her conception. For her wedding, she decides to invite all three of her potential dads, turning the story into a series of one amusing scenario after another. And with Abba hits in the score such as “Dancing Queen” and “Mama Mia,” this show is simply irresistible. With all the good theatre showing in London’s West End Shows, it is not hard to imagine why it is quite hard to get West End tickets. Online Theatre Tickets outlets are definitely a blessing to theatre lovers. Through these sites, you can order your tickets in advance. No need to join the long ques at London’s West End. Frank BelangerWest End Shows are the place to go for a great night out in London and get tickets at onlinetheatreticketsm Frank Belanger West End Shows are the place to go for a great night out in London and get tickets at onlinetheatreticketsm
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Nowadays inside of the global of party and pleasurable the Hookahs consist of become exceptionally famed. Any place your self transfer you can perspective a parlor of Bongs. Nonetheless they are not only employed for eating enjoyable inside of some sites Smoking cigarettes Pipes are in addition employed to deliver a personal healthful and carefully healthy all over again.
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Today within the entire world of celebration and fun the Hookahs comprise become extremely famous. Anywhere oneself go you can check out a parlor of Bongs. However they are not simply just applied for eating enjoyable in some puts Smoking cigarettes Pipes are additionally utilized in the direction of generate a particular person healthful and thoroughly suit again.
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These days inside of the earth of bash and fun the Hookahs consist of develop into incredibly famed. Everywhere your self transfer yourself can view a parlor of Bongs. Yet they are not only utilised for eating pleasurable within just some locations Smoking Pipes are way too employed toward produce a personal balanced and totally healthy yet again.
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