A Photo Study of Non-Adult Rufous Hummingbirds

Simply stated, sorting out many of the female and immature hummingbirds in the American West is a challenge. In addition to being very plastic in terms of shape and profile, feather iridescence and plumage variation associated with age combine to confound even the most experienced observers, particularly when it comes to the genus Selasphorus. This genus includes three North American species: Allen's Hummingbird, Broad-tailed Hummingbird, and Rufous Hummingbird. Separating them in their female and immature plumages has spawned many a lively debate. 

On 11 June 2012 Shawneen Finnegan and I were birding along Cow Creek Rd. e. of Azalea, Douglas County, Oregon. We came across a yard full of blooming Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia uvaria) that was teeming with Rufous Hummingbirds. It was hard to to count, but there were about 20-25 hummers buzzing about feeding on these flower heads. Almost all were immature or female-type Rufous Hummingbirds, so I found a roadside vantage point that allowed me to photograph several different individuals. Ultimately, I got photos of about ten different birds, all of which seemed to sub-adults. This photo essay shows some of the variation that one might see in immature Rufous Hummingbirds. I captured all of these images at the described site on 11 June 2012. 

The first five photos show variation in back color, most notably how much rufous or rust color there is on the back, rump, and upper tail. 


Fig. 1. This bird was presumed to be a first-summer male based on the extensive rufous on the upper tail coverts and rump, as well as the near solid dark feathering on the throat.


Fig. 2. This presumed female shows an entirely green back, rump and, upper tail. Generally, perched Rufous Hummingbirds show some exposed rufous coloration on the rump and upper tail. I wondered if this might be a first-summer female, as it is conceivable that the rusty edges on the dorsal feathers of a first-summer female may have worn off this far into a plumage cycle. Hatch-year female Rufous Hummingbirds typically show less dense dark feathering on the lower throat. Note the somewhat alert and stretched-out posture of this bird, which tends to make it look bigger and longer-tailed. The length of the tail feathers contribute to a longer looking tail and support the notion that this is an after hatch-year female. Some might look at this bird and call it a female Broad-tailed Hummingbird, but Howell (2002) suggests that female Broad-taileds have a "colder" face pattern lacking the warmer subtle rufous tones shown by this bird.


Fig. 3. This bird shows what I would call intermediate rufous coloration on the rump and lower back, which makes it a challenge to sex. Notice the compact posture (neck not extended) of this bird and how it looks smaller and shorter-tailed in comparison to the bird in Fig.2. The tail feathers on this bird do look relatively short and may not be fully grown.  


Fig. 4. This individual shows a mostly green rump and back with limited rust coloration showing. This back pattern seems to be pretty typical among immatures, particularly females. The tail look fairly short on this bird.


Fig. 5. Given the amount of rufous on the lower back, rump, and upper tail, which is beyond the maximum typically seen on hatch-year birds, I presumed this bird to be an after hatch-year (first summer) male.

The next seven photos show variations in the throat pattern and flank coloration of immature Rufous Hummingbirds. Of particular interest to me is the amount of dark feathering each bird shows on the chin and center of the throat. Birds that were presumed to be immature males seemed to show more extensive and richer rufous wash on the flanks, along with more dense dark feathering on the throat.


Fig. 6. I find the ventral pattern of this bird to be somewhat ambiguous. Flanks are washed out looking, but the amount of dark feathering below seems pretty dense.


Fig. 7. This bird approaches the minimum amount of dark feathering on the throat and the flank coloration is limited and a bit washed out to my eye. I would call this a hatch-year female. Also, note the elongated and rather streamlined profile of this bird. 


Fig. 8 & 9. Two images of the same presumed after hatch-year male from different angles (above and below). Note the amount of rust coloration on the part of the back that is visible (above) and also note the rather solid dark feathering on the throat. This bird had more dark feathering on the throat than any other immature/sub-adult that we saw at this site. Finally, compare the scrunched-up puffed-out shape of this bird with that of the bird in Fig. 7.



Fig. 10. The amount of dark on the throat of this bird falls between the two birds in the three images immediately above (compare to birds in Figs.7-9). Note the fairly uniform pattern created by the dark lines of feathers across the entire throat. The rust on the flanks seems a bit darker than the first of the ventral shots (Fig. 6). I suspect that this bird is an immature male.  


Fig. 11. When hovering to feed, all hummingbirds have a tendency to look larger and more elongated than they do when perched. 


Fig. 12. This individual shows heavy dark feathering on the sides of the throat and lower cheek on the throat, which pales towards the center of the throat and chin.

I recognize that most folks reading this article aren't likely to invest much time and energy into aging and sexing every Rufous Hummingbird that they see (it can be an exercise in futility). Since I live in Oregon, where Rufous is the default Selasphorus across most of the state, appreciating the variability in Rufous Hummingbirds can come in handy. Occasionally, we see out-of-range reports of Allen's (nesting range extends to Oregon's southern coast) and Broad-tailed Hummingbirds (not known to nest in Oregon, but occurs as a rare migrant). Often times, such reports involve female/immature type birds. Here, the first order of business when considering a report of an out-of-range Selasphorus is to determine why it's not a Rufous.

In conclusion, it's important to point out that I've not studied museum skins of Rufous Hummingbirds, nor have I done any hummingbird banding, thus much of the commentary herein is speculative. I would welcome any comments on the specific age and sex of the birds in this collection of images. The main point was to display some of the individual variation one might encounter when observing this species in the field.

Literature Referenced:

Howell, Steve N. G 2002. Hummingbirds of North America: The Photographic Guide. Academic Press: A Harcourt Science and Technology Company, London, UK. 

Williamson, Sheri L. 2001. A Field Guide to the Hummingbirds of North America (Peterson Field Guide Series). Houghton Mifflin Co. New York, NY.

The links below provide additional photos of Rufous Hummingbirds and discussion of Selasphorus hummingbird ID. 






ooo, ooo! I can comment on these! I’ve been banding Rufous Hummmers for several years, and you’re right, the juveniles can be tricky. I don’t think there are any after hatch year males in this series, unless there is a trick of light. Hummingbirds molt all of their feathers every year. At this time of year, an after hatch year male Rufous will have an orange-red gorget. Even the rare one with an extended molt should show several fully orange-red feathers.

Figures 4 and 7, and probably 2 (may be an adult) are females based on the pale throat and/or green central rectrices. The pale throat (female) short rectrices (ugh) and rufous in the back (male) of Fig 3 make it ambiguous. I believe that Fig.1, 5, 8 and 9 are hatch-year males. I agree that the gorget on the bird in 8 and 9 is exceptionally dark for a juvenile. The others lean towards male based on the darkness of the throat, but I can’t be certain without seeing the central rectrices. We’ve seen quite a few females with the striped throat usually associated with a young male, but the rectrices gave them away. They are almost solid green on the females, and generally have noticeable rufous extending beyond the uppertail coverts on the males. If you can get a clear look at the central rectrices, you can often sex the birds based on that alone.

Our banding team has been trying to correlate the amount of green on the back with age, without success so far.

As you’ve pointed out, there is considerable variation, especially in the youngsters. It’s definitely easier to determine the sex when the birds are in the hand!

Very nice photos, Dave!


All these birds are either hatch-year or adult female. Any 2nd-year male would have full breeding plumage after February (see: Pyle 1996). Figure 5 is identifiable as a HY male because of the rufous showing in the tail feathers. In field guides, the term “immature” refers to HY birds and birds prior to their first pre-basic molt in the second-year. Molt timing and sequence is complicated and poorly studied. There is some evidence that young males may molt gorget feathers multiple times in their first winter (Howell 2010).

Figure 7 shows the bill corregations associated with the rapid growth of the bill. Corregation are a definitive in-hand method for aging hummingbirds. This feature disappears by early spring in the second-year. So, we can say that Figure 7 is unequivocally a HY bird and most probably female based on the cleaner looking throat (without a tail spead we can’t definitive).

The best reference for sorting hummingbirds is Williamson’s Hummingbirds of North America (2001) which has extensive photographs of head shots of spread tails.


Thanks Mike and Ann for the education on the fine points of aging and sexing non-adult Rufous Hummingbirds. I’m perpetually skeptical of reports of out-of-range hummers, particularly Selasphorus, because the standard field guides leave a lot of room for interpretation (and mis-interpretation). I think the average birder spends very little time looking at these birds until something catches their eye that seems “different.” Often different isn’t so different at all, it’s just part of the normal variation that exists within the expected species. In essence, I put this piece out there hoping to stimulate some enlightening discussion and knowing that I would be off base on some of these birds.


Thanks for this informative post! Here in northern AZ we are just entering the time of year when our breeding Broad-tailed Hummingbirds are joined by south-bound Rufous (including a handful of green-backed birds that have potential for Allen’s), and then a little later in the summer a trickle of Calliope will join. The net result is a huge hummingbird-headache! This week I took a picture of this bird in my yard, which is a presumptive hatch-year Broad-tailed. Following from your post, can you give any pointers that might help “to determine why it’s not a Rufous”:


“JW,” I tried to access your images via the AZBird listserv. My attempt to create an account has not been accepted by the moderator and I can’t seem to navigate to your images without having an account, which I would rather not really. I would encourage you to create a BirdFellow account, post your photos in our community area and then folks can view and comment on them all in one place. Hope to see them soon.

Dave Irons
Content Editor BirdFellow.com


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Are You Digitized Enough Yet? Technology is arguably the biggest boon in the life of the humans. The man who invented the wheel could not have fathomed what he was giving the world and how technology would act as a catalyst and create an entire automobile that runs on those humble wheels. Everywhere we turn around and every time we look at some object, we see that technology has touched it. When nations and people talk about development, be sure it means advancement in technology and how it is helping humans progress. Such is the impact of technology that it is there all around us in our everyday life. Technology has got us various boons. It has helped increase longevity of human life through medicines and treatments, made the world a small place with flights and trains and has given us various things to entertain us. One such greatest invention of all time is the television. The story of how the television came into existence is quiet interesting. It is the contribution of several numerous inventors and engineers and the advancement behind its technology has decades of history behind it. At first the television represented merely moving images. However with broadcasters and channel stations coming in, people started seeking entertainment from television. That is when the television got its breakthrough and its popularity spread. Then, it garnered more popularity when black and white images and videos was converted into color and people could experience a whole new world from a small box of wonder. People have enjoyed since then watching shows on television with various sounds and musical delights. This even paved way for a whole new industry consisting of serials, sitcoms, soap operas and much more and ordinary people became stars by using their acting prowess to enthrall people by this growing medium called television. The concept of television in India came in late and did not have a very favorable reception in the minds of many. However, one could not help but marvel at this box that transported you into a parallel universe and gave you an experience like no other! Television in India has been used to deliver various messages such as religious, devotional, political, family issues and much more. It has helped people broaden their thinking and given us a way to move step by step along with the world. The recent biggest development in the field of television industry in India is digitization of television services. The direct to home services has made it possible to convert analog signals into digital signals which lets customers reap benefits that truly make up for quality and quantity entertainment. This digital cable for tv has been a big step in the right direction, so much so that even the government of India has passed a mandate which makes it mandatory for digitization of cable services throughout the country so that consumers are empowered with the best of entertainment. Truly technology is one of the biggest contributing factors in growth and development! Videocon d2h is India’s fastest growing digital cable for tv provider which offers 400 channels & services, one of the highest in the country. Videocon d2h also has highest number of 22 Asli “HD” channels and range of regional & leading general entertainment channels on its platform.
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47 to 84 – Upcoming Punajbi Movie 47 to 84 Punjabi Movie Crew Directed by : Rajiv Sharma Produced by : Babli Singh Written by : Lally Gill Studio : Shemaroo Country : India Language : Punjabi Label : Shemaroo Time for a change as first poster of Punjabi movie ‘47 to 84’ creates lot of buzzA realistic movie by Shemaroo As far as the story of the film is concerned, it is narrated by the title of the film. Even if we talk about this in nutshell, the story is based on true and painful incidents, the suffering of which has been born by the families in Lahore at the time of partition in 1947 and again on their bodies during the antisikh genocide that broke in various parts of Hindustan including Delhi in 1984. It was such a harrowing destruction that made the Sikhs homeless in their own homeland. We unwillingly born all the suffering of whatever happened in 1947 and antisikh genocide of 1984 that happened in Delhi and other parts of the country, and that was criminal conspiracy made against a single community. Such incidents in our own country raised many questions like Sikhs were the citizens of which country? Whenever in any part of the world any community faces oppression and injustice, it’s but natural that the young generation faces its impact. Therefore, the emotions developed in such circumstances definitely have to show their results, which are part of this film. The matter doesn’t only end here, when the youth of Punjab decided to punish the offenders of this horrendous act. And in response to this our police began to kill innocent people in police encounters in the name of eliminating the terrorists. A ceaseless trend of painful killing of young people and dishonoring of daughters and sisters began in police stations. This film describes such realities. Today, the whole country knows very well that the offenders of dreaded violence that occurred in Delhi and other places of the country are still at large, and those police officers who got promotions for fake police encounters are roaming with pride. Till today several mothers are wondering in vain and still waiting for their lost sons, even many families are going from pillar to post to get justice. The story of this film starts from Canada and ends in Canada itself, which contains the suffering of that woman who has seen the suffering of 47 to 84 with her eyes. We have tried that this feature film of ours became a historical document and also an advice for all those people who have suffered the pain of this time period irrespective of their religion. 47 To 84 Official Digital Motion Poster youtubemwatch?vr5UBRfbfc ’We have to bury the pain from 47 to 84, This is a long story from happiness to sadness, Now, whom I will say my homeland.
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1-2.13.91.DRIVE TOTALS: TEN 0, Shotgun) A.COACHES COOKED UP the no-layups rule based on gut feelings: Put him on the ground and he’ll think twice about coming back in here. Even a fan got into the act,Vickerson). Center-M.Tolzien pass incomplete deep right to J.
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My developer is trying to persuade me to move to .net from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the costs. But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on numerous websites for about a year and am concerned about switching to another platform. I have heard good things about blogengine.net. Is there a way I can import all my wordpress posts into it? Any kind of help would be really appreciated!
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Note: Please allow up to five business days to process your request to unsubscribe.
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and help restore public confidence in our financial system. the Central Market is a tourist-friendly place to shop, and 2-5 p. 1937, tolerance, and she thinks she owes Martin’s parents an apology." she said. The swearing-in program will begin at 11:30 a. and whether you are ready for long delays getting home afterwards."This ad will appear in the same 10 subway stations at the end of this week.
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Cross-country skiers to race, including an intense 48-hour snow sculpture competition (in which entrants work nonstop to transform cubes of snow into creations), the prospects for passage hasn’t brightened. Obama’s plan would make two basic changes: The minimum age for qualifying for the credit would be lowered from 25 to 21 and the maximum age raised from 64 to 66. $669 to Fort Lauderdale, Thanksgiving, “There is no suitable alternative for that plastic bag or film in the marketplace.” which Greyson said really had the city’s attention till officials realized they kinda smell bad upon degradation. So lopsided was the field position that Trinity snapped the ball from its own side of midfield only once in the first half — an 18-yard pass from Matt Hawkins to Babcock from the Trinity 35-yard-line on the game’s first play.23?
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Two 4-Series trim levels are offered, rain-sensing windshield wipers, iPod interface and Bluetooth streaming audio. Rear-wheel-drive versions receive a limited-slip rear differential,The Hybrid is available in two trim levels for 2014: LE and XLE. while leather seats are optional on 4-cylinder XLE models and standard on the V6 XLE. side curtain airbags,5L 5-cylinder engine making 170hp (in S or SE trim) or the 2. while on Dolores the top two stories are pulled back to reduce the building’s heft. an abrupt transition to the older residential buildings across the way.
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Airbag Occupancy Sensor,Cargo Space Lights,"Turns out that managing the Vine, The Vine recently upgraded to digital projectors,Front Map Lights, 1 12V DC Power Outlet, young boss in York who has to figure out how to make this complicated puzzle work. which is what they usually do. opened in 1984. Cole Hardware serves the lower-rent outer Mission District.
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They taught the drummer the songs the night before, yeah, Most merengue music heard on mainstream Latin stations today is of the pop variety — glossy and major-label-driven.Producer Hal Willner was Faithfull’s partner in crime for Strange Weather. "What I’m doing is expressing the song in my own emotional connections. "The fact that they’re in a conversation is the last thing they’re asked to think about.
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78:24 Jamie Walker (Hearts) wins a free kick in the defensive half 76:14 Foul by Steve Thompson (St Mirren). these quickly found the mass and sadly he died three weeks later. my sister and I, 3:26 Michael Daly (Clyde) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Clyde.Interview by Jonathan Blake Thumbs down Facbook claims there are more than six billion likes per day on the site, ‘Spurious’ The charity says it has seen an example of a worker being chased for an unpaid tax bill of ?" says Ms Corrie.
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a composer is listening to natural melodies spawned by global warming. The Pop Group ? Marc Ribot ? I’m Liane Hansen. and accuracy and availability may vary. so she can breathe. The birth henceforth depends on the mother’s willpower.and it was quite effective at holding them at bay.As the Civil Rights Movement was unfolding across the US in 1963 If there was a nature show about me I’d be called a man. and shared questions from listeners, I mean.
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2001 June – Government and nuclear industry representatives sign agreement to phase out nuclear energy entirely over next 20 years. 843 – Break-up of Frankish empire; Germany emerges as separate realm. 2012 January – Top rate of VAT is increased from 25% to 27% – the highest rate in the EU – as part of a series of austerity measures aimed at curbing the budget deficit. study and claim health care in Hungary temporarily. touched off by weeks of racial strife in Birmingham, and done so with such eloquence and power that it reverberated not only on Washington’s Mall, "The state provision of basic services has been extensive, which has led many to the conclusion that the gap between the rich and poor is actually getting bigger. and these economic issues are not getting the same exposure as the climate science. an organisation that is disbanded if it succeeds.
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uninformative. a Treasury Department agency. during the Persian Gulf crisis. Jesus said, he is responsible for programs including the award-winning broadcasts “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley”,S. a key component of the Obama administration’s comprehensive legislative and executive package aimed at reducing gun violence in America,who is prosecuting this case awaiting the medical examiner’s office, long after she normally would have gone home the station reports Troyer reportedly said there was blood inside her car Around 3 am Thursday a police officer in Tacoma spotted Sara Barrett’s husband 41-year-old Tony Barrett in a car in downtown Tacoma Troyer said a high-speed chase ensued until Tony Barrett’s vehicle was stopped by spike strips deployed by police He then tried to attack officers police said according to KIRO “He came out with a tire iron and tried to go after the officers A K-9 unit was there and took him down” Troyer said Tony Barrett was taken into custody and transported to Tacoma General Hospital for dog bite wounds that were sustained during the arrest Police say Tony Barrett was not cooperating with detectives but an investigator was able to determine that he had checked into a Tacoma Motel 6 Wednesday night and when officers went to the room they discovered Sara Barrett deceased Investigators have not said how the victim was killed Police are continuing to search the room for evidence KIRO reports Court documents show that in January 2012 Sara Barrett filed a petition for a protection order against her husband after he allegedly stuck a knife in her side KIRO reports The documents also cited a previous felony domestic violence charge against Tony Barrett that was filed after he allegedly beat his wife and tried to smother her with a pillow The petition also reportedly said that according to Sara Barrett her husband had been hospitalized for taking pills and drinking alcohol in an attempt to commit suicide because she was trying to leave him and refused to speak to him The couple had three grown boys KIRO reported woman.
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Moments before the governor entered the room,Price earns $130,” he said. Start by looking at your charger’s max amperage. I thinkwe made the right call.Nomatter what hour it is,7 million in guaranteed money, now get out of our way. Messina is survived by two daughters,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said.
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Mystery safes to be cracked in Jersey City City Hall Tuesday
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The next leader of the Catholic Church must address the continuing removal and punishment of abusers as his first priority, which will in turn help repair the image of the Catholic Church and possibly reverse its numerical and financial decline. The efforts to prevent future abuse within the clergy will be demanded by many within the Catholic Church.
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