You Can Contribute: Building a "Social Field Guide"

Several months ago, this journal published an article entitled Creating a "Social Field Guide." Our mission is to make the BirdFellow Social Field the best place on the web to learn about birds and for our Social Field Guide to be the centerpiece of our online content. Believe it or not, you can contribute. 


This screen grab presents an example of one of our Identification Photo galleries. These images of White-crowned Sparrows come from photographers all over the U.S.

The first step is to create your BirdFellow account, which is free! Once you've created your private online workspace you'll have a place where you can store bird photos, keep lists, and write field report narratives about the birding trips you take. While we encourage folks to engage with the community, we offer customized privacy settings  that allow you select how "public" you want your activities to be. Most folks want to share photos and potentially see their images included in our curated galleries of "Identification Photos."

We constantly "mine" our "Community Photo" galleries–the photos that BirdFellow users share publicly–for images that fill needs in our curated galleries. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive set of photos for each species that features all the varied plumages and subspecies for that particular bird. If you happen to add a photo to our community gallery that shows a plumage or subspecies that we don't have, we will ask your permission to add it to our curated gallery. Just this morning, I was reviewing our Community Photos for White-crowned Sparrow and found four images that I added to our Identification Photos gallery for that species. 


I found this wonderful photo in our Community Photos gallery. This "Nuttall's" White-crowned Sparrow (Z. l. nuttalli), photographed at San Francisco, California 2 May 2011, is going through its first prealternate molt and transitioning from an immature plumage its first adult-like alternate plumage. Interestingly, by this date most first spring White-crowned Sparrows have completed their prealternate molt and are showing definitive black and white crown stripes. (Photo by Rick Leinen) 


This screen grab shows an example of a helpful Field Note posted directly to the Red-throated Loon page. 

Finally, you can add  a "Field Note" to any species page (see example above). If you think that you've learned or discovered a behavioral or plumage clue that might help others more easily identify a particular species, we invite you to share it with the community. Printed field guides are great, but they are no match for the knowledge acquired through our collective birding experiences. If enough folks think that your Field Note is helpful and useful, we will incorporate it into our species account. 

We invite you to create an account and start contributing to the BirdFellow Social Field Guide today.


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