Can You ID this Feathered Bluegrass Fan?


Unidentified bluegrass fan lands on guitar (image sourced online at

Earlier today, BirdFellow member Steve Mauvais sent me an e-mail with an embedded You Tube video, in which a juvenile songbird lands on the guitar of bluegrass musician Josh Williams, as he performs at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival in Denton, North Carolina on 5 May 2011.

The small bird is clearly fresh out of the nest, as a large pale gape flange is evident. The youngster sits on Williams' guitar as he and his band mates play on and even allows Williams to stroke its head. Try as I might, I couldn't identify this bird.

We encourage you to test your skills on this bird after checking out the full video by clicking on the underlined text below. The bird appears about 1:30 into the song. Feathered bluegrass fan


Not too many birds fledge into the middle of a bluegrass concert!


Going by its size, plain belly, and hint of pattern/stripe? in the area near the eye, to me it looks possible for a Carolina Wren. And, they can nest in some odd places. I’m from the east originally. When I lived in Virginia Carolina Wrens used to nest in our shed, building their nest on top of an upside-down push broom. Here in Texas I have had them nest in my shorts that were hanging out to dry, and in a hanging flower pot. They nest in any place that catches their fancy.


Someone posted to our local listserv that it was a baby Northern Cardinal. She belongs music group that learned a veternarian was in the audience who took it to a rehab facility.


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