Antarctica: Through the Eyes of a Veteran and a "Rookie"


Beckoned by the Great White South, they're answering its call. Ann Nightingale and Jim Danzenbaker are journeying to the land of penguins, icebergs, whales, and seals for an epic 26-day adventure. Traveling aboard the Ortelius, they'll visit the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. Some of you may remember that BirdFellow featured Jim's blogs during  an identical trip two years ago.  This time we'll offer a unique twist, as Ann and Jim will provide blog entries from two travelers with differing perspectives. As they share this experience, they'll combine the view of a staff naturalist with the perspective of a rookie southern seas explorer. Jim has been a ten-time leader on this tour while this will be the longest that Ann has ever been away from home--and the farthest! Stay tuned for hopefully daily accounts of their life at sea among the vast and varied fauna of the Great White South!

A complete itinerary for the trip is available online at:

In a new feature this time around, you can track the path of the Ortelius online at:

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