Jim Danzenbaker's Antarctic Journal

Over the next month, BirdFellow.com will proudly feature journal entries from Jim Danzenbaker as he travels to and tours Antarctica and other South American sites with Cheesmans' Ecology Safaris (www.cheesemans.com). Jim has served as a seabird expert on these tours for more than a decade.  Raised in New Jersey, Jim has been birding for nearly four decades. He is a highly-respected international tour leader and an expert seabirder who has been leading pelagic birding trips along the west coast of North America for many years. More recently (2007), Jim joined Kowa Optimed as a sales manager for their outdoor sporting optics line in North and South American markets.

Between now and the 25th of January Jim will provide us with regular posts recounting the unique experiences that can be had on a trip to this most remote and desolate continent. We look forward to publishing great stories, wonderful pictures, and sharing this rare adventure with Jim as our guide.


I’m very excited to read your journal since two of my dearest friends are along with you, Mary Marshall and Steve Gould. Tell them I said hello and I can’t wait to continue along with your travels! Susie


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