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We at BirdFellow are passionate about birds. Though many good websites for birders already exist, we feel ours will be easier to use. We have assembled a dynamic team of experience technicians, bird experts, and creative dreamers to bring you an exciting new social media website, scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2009.

Today, we're launching our online journal. Dave Irons, regional editor for North American Birds, and BirdFellow content editor, will lead the conversation. We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts.

Happy holidays!
Bjorn Hinrichs


Hello Bjorn – Wow. I am looking forward to this. And so are the kids! They’ve caught the bug, as they say. I am completely confident the site and expertise behind it will help them get more out of their birding adventures. Thanks for the invitiation – we’ll dive in, and share more soon! Best of luck!


Bjorn & Dave: it’s amazing that I have spent my entire life to this point knowing the names of only a handful of birds. But you have opened up a whole new world for me, and for that I thank you. Birds are truly amazing. With new awareness, I watched from the deck of my cabana a couple of weeks ago as an armada of American Coots ran for cover (bunched up) when, high above, a bald eagle circled the bay. That old eagle found a perch at the top of the highest tree and sat there for a long time, considering whatever eagles consider (lunch?). For those few moments I took myself out of my world and imagined myself in theirs. It was just an incredible perspective from which to view the world we all share. I am very, very much looking forward to following the BirdFellow groundswell. Thank you both for this new gift that you have brought to us all.


Holly, I know, it’s crazy! All of a sudden I just popepd out. I’m kind of nervous to go to the doctor today to see how much weight I have gained. Our scale broke around the time I found out I was expecting, so I have no idea how much I weigh.


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BirdFellow – Birding services, social networking, and habitat conservation
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