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David Fix
55. by David Fix on July 03, 2011 at 07:44 pm

That Wrentits remain unknown in Washington while being numerous just across the Columbia River in Oregon furnishes a bit of classic N. Am. birding trivia. Wistful strategists in Washington no doubt know that there's an island in the lower Columbia called Puget I. that's in WA but, according to the state line on the Triple-A map, only a golf drive from the mainland Oregon shore. The habitat is not great but there are blackberry thickets and riparian edge, and it fronts Oregon below Hwy 30 pretty closely. I'm sure Puget I. has been birded many times but it seems that no Wrentit has yet been detected there, because it ought to have been electrifying regional birding news if it happened. Has anyone done a Blanket Pish of that place recently?

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Citation: Personal Experience. I observe this occasionally, confident.

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